The Butcher’s Favorite Cuts

News 06 Aug 2015

At Wollensky’s Grill, we like to kick up the steak experience with a few non-traditional, interesting preparations for a group to share and feast on together! Here are a few favorites:

The Bone-In Kansas City Cut Sirloin, served sliced for sharing and with a trio of sauces: au poivre, chimichurri and béarnaise:


For something different, try the Smoked Rib Eye with blistered shishito peppers! Dry-aged steak is at a whole new level when put in the smoker, creating an additional dimension of savory flavor. The slight heat of the peppers complements the smokiness of the steak – making for a supremely flavorful and well-balanced steak!


Do you love the richness and flavor of bone marrow? Order our Top Sirloin “Baseball Cut” finished with bone marrow crust.   Bone marrow is the cow’s “natural butter” – with the same richness and mouth feel of regular butter, but adds another dimension of meaty flavor – especially on this steak dish!

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What’s your favorite Butcher’s Cut on the menu? Ribeye, Kansas City Cut Sirloin or Sliced Filet? Share your steak picks and photos and tag @WollenskysGrill #thebutcherschoice on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!